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In the past we have had to stock many different dry foods for the boarding kennels due to fussy eaters & sensitive stomachs. Since changing over to TOTAL PET NUTRITION this is rarely necessary as all the dogs enjoy their recipes.


We now feed all of our show dogs on the Salmon & Potato & the Prestige Performance & have seen an over all improvement in condition.


The quality of the recipes are very good, Wheat Gluten Free, Hypo-Allergenic, No Derivatives or Artificial Ingredients ect.


They offer an excellent breeders package & for small businesses like ourselves they offer incredible wholesale prices which enable us to sell their product in our kennel shop for a very reasonable price. Not surprisingly sales of food have increased dramatically & our own feeding bill has been reduced considerably.


Sue Flanagan & Nicky Cotton

COLLANSUES Bernese Mountain Dogs & The Huntsmans Dog & Cat Hotel, with the latest Technology in Hydro-Therapy.

Longfurlong, Findon, West Sussex.

Tel: 01903 873219

I was asked to try TOTAL PET NUTRITION & was very happily surprised that all my dog's liked the kibble,"it's always a good start". Feeding the Collies is more difficult as they tend to have very sensitive stomachs & can often be very fussy eaters.


The day after the meal is one of the major test's & all passed with flying colours & firm stools. The condition of all the dog's has improved, especially the coats & they now leave empty bowls at feeding time which is far more economic.


I have been very impressed with their recipes especially the Lamb & Verm-X, & feel this a must for all breeders & owners alike.


The quality of their ingredients, the high standard of service & the very competitive yet simple to understand pricing structure has really sold this product to me.


Sue Thomas - AMATHUS Leonbergers & Rough Collies

Tel: 01293 786202

After feeding our dogs on various dry foods over the last 20 years we were introduced to TOTAL PET NUTRITION & our dogs have thrived on this new product. Finally we have found a food that suits all of our dogs need's.


We have recommended this product to all owners at our successful training club & have heard only good reports back. We have also seen the direct benefits of dogs being fed this excellent product.


We would like to wish this new company every success in this very competitive market.

Lastly, since changing to TOTAL PET NUTRITION we have been able to reduce our feeding bill by a third, without compromising on QUALITY.


George & Sue Pope - MEDMERRY Bearded Collies & Dog Training Services.

Tel: 01273 582871


Read about what a few of the Beagle Association Committee Members,

and some Beagle owners think of our food:-


Patrick & Patience Walden:-  

“Our Nedlaw beagles have been fed on Total Pet Nutrition for almost 3 years and we have found this complete food to be very satisfactory in every way”

Marion Hunt:-

“I started using Total Pet Nutrition, their Salmon and Potato variety, for my Beagles at the beginning of last year and I very quickly saw a difference in them, with Flinders looking a million dollars and becoming a Champion by the end of the year. His sister, Shercroft Duchess, whelped a litter of 5 and is still looking marvelous. TPN gives them all they need and that ‘extra edge’. They are bouncing with health and vitality.”


Jill Ambridge:-

“I’ve been feeding TPN for over 18 months with only good results. With my last litter, the Dam was fed on their Puppy recipe before mating and all through her whelping time. The puppies were then weaned on it, and they were a credit to her. People who saw them remarked on how healthy they looked and what shiny coats they had.

Even my vet could not help but remark on how well they were doing. Having just taken one of them for their annual check up, my vet again remarked on what fantastic overall condition she is in. I have nothing but praise for TPN.”

Jayne Brownlow:-

“I have a typical greedy Beagle who loves her food as much as I love her - hence she became a tad overweight! Last year, I was recommended to TPN by a friend, and a year on, after being fed solely on TPN, she is back to her optimum weight, maintaining it and looking fantastic. At our last visit, the vet commented that her coat was looking healthy, shiny, and in very good condition, and her teeth were very clean for a dog of her age. I’m comforted that the ingredients are all things that are good for her, and the bonus is that my dog loves it.”

Samantha McBain:-

“Looking for a dog food that fits all the owners’ requirements is difficult.  I have 3 beagles with different weights, appetite & physique.  I had used several other brands prior to being introduced to TPN, but often found that the food only worked on 2 out of the 3.  One of my beagles is a fussy eater & we often found him leaving food or taking over 20 mins to eat it.  Another one of my beagles is castrated & is prone to weight gain.  I’ve always preferred fish based dog food as it seems more appealing to my dogs.  Fish based dog food always provides them with added oils, which I feel improve their overall physical health. I’ve been using TPN for a year now & I can thoroughly recommend it.  All three dogs are willing to eat it. Their coats always seem to be shining.


As for weight management, I’ve found it very easy to manage by adjusting the amount given. My vet had often commented that my castrated dog who is 5, “could lose a few pounds”. At a recent appointment she said we seem to be managing his weight well - I believe this to be down to TPN. I now have a dog food that can feed all three of my Beagles & provide them with optimal nutrition & health.”


Jenny & Emily Thornton:-

“We have 3 ageing Beagles at home (15, 12 & 9 years) who have been on TPN for at least 7 years. Despite their ages, they are all very healthy and always look forward to mealtimes, whichever recipe they are given. We’ve always found the food to be of high quality at a very competitive price when compared to other premium brands.”